By buying our products, you are supporting ten youth who have left the streets behind and are beginning a new life. Prospective customers should contact one of our directors for current pricing and availability.


Poultry is an important farm species in almost all countries. It is an important source of animal protein, and can be raised in situations with limited feed and housing resources. Chickens are ‘waste converters’: they ‘convert’ a scavenged feed resource base into animal protein. They are therefore by far the most important species for generating income for rural families.

People raise chickens all around the world under widely varying circumstances. Their main objective is generally the same: maximum production for minimum costs and with minimum risks. (from Small Scale Chicken Farming. Eekeren et. al. World Poultry Science Association 2006)

We raise both broilers and layers for meat and eggs, with space for around 500 birds. Animals are quartered indoors at night and are free to roam the grounds during the day.


We also raise a small number of pigs semi-intensively for piglets and meat. Pigs love having their bellies scratched and will roll over like dogs – wonderful, smart animals but inclined to get ornery at times. Animals are quartered indoors at night and are free to roam the grounds during the day.


We have planted a small number of fruit trees to provide shade and seasonal fruit for home consumption. Trees will take a few years to mature, but once they begin to bear fruit, they will add important nutrients to the youths’ diets, while the surplus will be sold locally.

We are also tentatively considering adding a single cow for calving and milk, as well as a small number of rabbits to our ecosystem.

Visit the news section of the website for updates on the process and progress as the project unfolds.