Street Youth


Eldoret has a growing population of street children and youth. As of June 2011, the population has grown to approximately 3,000 individuals. There are over 30 organizations in Eldoret that provide a variety of free services to serve street children as part of the Uasin Gishu Children’s Services Forum, ranging from housing and formal education, to medical care and counselling, to social activities and other basic drop-in services.

However, many of these services focus almost exclusively on children under the age of 18, while young adults are expected to fend for themselves. With a lower level of services available to support them, young adults risk falling between the cracks.  For complex reasons, it becomes difficult for older street youth to return to primary school to start their education from the beginning. Even with care and support as children, without jobs available for them when they reach adulthood, they risk falling idle and returning to the streets.

Our ultimate goal is to enable former street youth to become independent and productive citizens of Kenya.

For academic work on the subject, please see our learn section.