Nyumbani [nyoom-BAHN-ee] is a small, non-religious, not-for-profit enterprise registered in Kenya*, launched in Summer 2011. Its mandate is to provide street youth over the age of 18 with housing security, food security and gainful employment. These youth are provided with free business training, counselling services and accommodation as they raise and sell high-quality animal products for sale to clients in Eldoret, Kenya.

Nyumbani means “home” in Swahili. But Nyumbani is not a children’s home (i.e. not to be confused with the Nyumbani Children’s Home in Nairobi). It is an income-generating organization that doubles as a social housing programme intended for young people who are motivated to get off the streets. It is intended to act as the next vital stepping stone in securing a stable life for street youth once they no longer qualify for services as children.

The idea of home as both a literal and figurative place is often taken for granted. Home provides more than physiological needs; home also implies a feeling of belonging, and street children and youth often do not have any memory or notion of home in the traditional sense. Nyumbani seeks to provide this simple dignity to a small number of individuals who have demonstrated they are ready to leave the streets behind.

Through Kenya Vision 2030, the government of Kenya is encouraging youth to create employment instead of being employed. The directors of Nyumbani Social Enterprises are youth, themselves creating employment for other youths.

We are starting small, with 10 young men (see FAQ for why we currently support only boys). However, a portion of the revenues will be recycled to create more opportunities for these youth, as well as to expand in the future with the goal of creating another enterprise for girls.

You can help make this a reality sooner rather than later. Consider investing in Nyumbani. You will be investing in lives.

Visit our Philosophy/FAQ section for more details.

* Registered as Nyumbani Vijana Enterprises